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My name is Taylor Wilson, I am 16 currently living in Reno, NV, originally from Texarkana, AR. My life revolves around Nuclear Science and Radioactivity. I have an exceedingly large collection of Historically-minded Radioactive Items, two laboratories, and my pride-and-joy, a Farnsworth Fusor reactor. I am the youngest person in the world to create Nuclear Fusion and the 31st person to do it privately outside of government and industry. With the reactor I have the capability to make stable elements radioactive, and I conduct research in the fields of basic fusion science, homeland security, and nuclear medicine.

I currently attend both the University of Nevada, Reno, and the Davidson Academy of Nevada, where I am finishing up High School. The Davidson Academy is the only school of its kind in the nation and caters to the Profoundly Gifted in the top one tenth of one percent of the population.

I have a lab at my house which houses my collection and where I conduct most Nuclear Chemistry work, chemistry on the Actinides, detector development, and source handling in glove-boxes and other specialized equipment. Also, I have a lab kindly given to me by Dr. Ron Phaneuf at the University of Nevada, Reno, in which my reactor resides, and my neutron source development research, along with other large scale experiments, is conducted.

Along with applied nuclear science, I enjoy researching Nuclear History. Not simply digging through archives, but taking it to the field, getting my hands dirty, and collecting artifacts from the nuclear age. I also enjoy Uranium Prospecting, and exploring sites relating Nuclear History, Military History, Mining History, and anything outdoors in general.

And like any normal teenager, I enjoy sports, specifically Football and Golf and having a social life! And yes I am a Southerner, so don’t mind the accent!


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name  Taylor Wilson
location  Reno, Nevada
job  Nuclear Scientist
subjects  Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Nonproliferation

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