current projects


I have three specific research projects I am currently working on. Click on a link below to learn more. Along


For the Highly Enriched Uranium threat: a project regarding Active Interrogation techniques to verify the contents of Cargo Containers, with a focus on techniques to curb the proliferation of Uranium based Nuclear Weapons in Cargo Containers.

For the Weapons Grade Plutonium Threat: Novel Neutron Detectors to detect smuggled Plutonium and Nuclear Weapons.

Explosives: A unique technology I have developed that allows for the 3D imaging of nitrogen based explosives in baggage and packages.

Medical Isotope Production:

I am current exploring alternatives to the current production of Medical Isotopes, with a projects of a specific focus on the following categories of isotopes relevant to Nuclear Medicine. Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Technetium-99m, and Radioimmunotherapy relevant isotopes.

Neutron Sources:

The final area of research involves the development of small, portable neutron generators, both pulsed and steady state. While primarily in development as a part of the above counter-terror work, these generators have a variety of applications from Archeology to Agriculture.

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